The Police Cadet

As you can imagine, the police department did not like getting sued.

Case Type: Harassment & Discrimination
Result: $200,000 Settlement

It was our great pleasure to represent a young Police Cadet named Jordan who was fired from the Kansas City Kansas Police Department shortly after complaining about having been sexually harassed at work. Jordan found our firm on the recommendation of former Kansas Attorney General Steve Six.

As you can imagine, the police department did not like getting sued. Over the course of this litigation, the government threw seven different defense attorneys at us. It also tried to prevent us from getting documents and other materials that should have been turned over during the discovery process. Undeterred, we filed a motion to compel the government to produce documents, which the federal magistrate judge largely granted. Consistent with our motion, the judge ruled that the government, by failing to comply with the rules, had waived its attorney-client privilege—a highly unusual sanction against a governmental entity. If you’re interested in the details, you’re welcome to read the Lawsuit, the Motion to Compel, and the Court’s Order.

Because of our aggressive lawyering, we were able to achieve an excellent result for Jordan—the government paid $200,000 to resolve her case. This money represented many years’ earnings for Jordan, and she was able to use it to fund her college education. We’re so proud of Jordan, and we know she is going to do great things in the future!

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Jordan’s Testimonial

I was lucky enough to be one of Tim Riemann’s clients. Everything that happened in my life brought me to you, and the dedication you put into my case will never be forgotten. Not only did you hear my story but you believed it, and you spent countless hours fighting for me. I felt heard and understood. And I thank you for that.