At Riemann Injury Litigation we believe in the simple idea that no one should ever be sexually harassed at work, suffer retaliation, or be discriminated against because of their race, gender, religion, age, disability, national origin, who they are, or who they love.

We have represented a variety of employment plaintiffs, from entry level employees to executives. On their behalf, we have successfully sued governments, police departments, small businesses, and giant corporations for claims that include sexual harassment, age discrimination, gender discrimination (including transgender discrimination), retaliation, and many more.

Riemann Injury Litigation is proud to stand with and for the victims of sexual harassment, retaliation, and employment discrimination. If you have been wronged at work and want to discuss your case, call us at 816-348-3003, or send us a message and we will contact you right away. Initial consultations are always free.

Sexual Harassment & Employment Discrimination Case Stories

The Worst Gas Station

By the time Christina finished telling us her story, we had little doubt that she’d been illegally discriminated against.

The Police Cadet

As you can imagine, the police department did not like getting sued.

The Filthy Fast Food Owner

Because we had a lawyer involved every step of the way, we were able to catch the insurance company’s significant misstep.

Sexual Harassment & Employment Discrimination Testimonials

I am a transgender woman. I was terminated from an employer for speaking about concerns I had regarding accommodations for trans individuals. Needless to say I was devastated, and I didn’t know what to do. After looking online trying to find an attorney I came across Tim Riemann. He was extremely helpful in helping me understand my options, he didn’t hesitate to take my case and worked with me the entire time. He genuinely cares about his clients.

During the process I came under some financial difficulties and talked to Tim about it. I asked if we could settle for the amount that had been offered. Tim told me that in his honest opinion I would be making a mistake to settle for that amount. He instead helped me find an alternative so we could continue and not settle for less. A couple of months later we settled for more than double the amount I would have accepted but for Tim’s guidance.


Tim was very understanding and helpful in my situation. He is compassionate about his work. I would recommend him to family and friends.


I was lucky enough to be one of Tim Riemann’s clients. Everything that happened in my life brought me to you, and the dedication you put into my case will never be forgotten. Not only did you hear my story but you believed it, and you spent countless hours fighting for me. I felt heard and understood. And I thank you for that.