Wyatt’s Final Lap

Had the lifeguards done their job correctly, Wyatt likely would have lived.

The Worst Gas Station

By the time Christina finished telling us her story, we had little doubt that she’d been illegally discriminated against.

The International Tragedy

Multiple foreign jurisdictions make it difficult for U.S. Military family living overseas to receive compensation after their son is killed in a vehicle accident.

The Hit & Run

At mediation, the insurance company offered its $500,000 policy limit plus an additional (and astonishing) $2 million.

The Veteran’s Dignity

Although a doctor had ordered a special mattress for Jerome and turning every two hours, neither was accomplished by the hospital’s nursing staff.

The Runaway Horse

Many injury attorneys only want easy cases, and Kathy’s was far from easy.

The Police Cadet

As you can imagine, the police department did not like getting sued.

The Filthy Fast Food Owner

Because we had a lawyer involved every step of the way, we were able to catch the insurance company’s significant misstep.

The Out-of-Control Air Compressor

Kelly was rushed to the emergency room and, over the next few years, endured multiple surgeries to try to fix the damage done by the hose.

The Clumsy Bicyclist

Even though Bonnie’s paid medical bills were only $12,500, we were able to show that her future needs were significant.

The Cheap Doctor

Lucy’s employer refused to pay her the wages she was owed—he failed to give her a final paycheck and even retroactively reduced Lucy’s wages for work she’d already performed.

The Nightmare Roundabout

Andria was driving to the store one morning when an older driver collided with her, causing her Jeep to flip and roll.

The Airport Parking Garage

We quickly hired an expert witness that gave Megan's case an advantage—our opponent routinely hired this expert to testify for its clients but, this time, he was on our side.